Mrs. Mureau, Head of Department, ADASA, Departmental Association of Social action of the Agents of the Department of Charente-Maritime
“APTORIEL knew how to deal with all the problems related to the implementation of the SEPA: impacts from the banking exchanges aspects as well as the legal, computing and organizational sides. It permitted ADASA to face its new responsibilities with confidence and to obtain the means to treat the implementation of the SEPA with as much security as possible.

APTORIEL provided the ADASA 17 with its knowledge in the domains of banking exchanges and computer systems, contributing to the implementation of a long-lasting, secure and efficient solution while being compliant with the regulation.
Attentive, bringing advice and expertise to the implementation in the daily management, ADASA can rely on the know-how and the expertise of APTORIEL which knew how to adapt to ADASA particularities.
Reliability, reactivity, availability, professionalism are present as well as very pleasant human relations.”

Mr. Bonnet, Chief of Operations, Banque MISR (Paris)
“Aptoriel answered a RFP on the implementation of our SEPA solution. The choice of candidates was based on the experience, the capacity to lead a project, but also the answers to practical questioning, covering technical aspects and those connected to the methodology of project implementation.
From about ten candidates, we selected 2 potential providers. Aptoriel and another company already referenced by our establishment for another subject.
Aptoriel quickly stood out as more reactive, attuned to their client, showing a better methodology of support and giving the impression of a better knowledge of their subject.
Once the contract was signed, the implementation was made by stages. After a kick-off meeting where the technicians were invited along with the users (with the aim of facilitating the change management), daily work with our I.T took place. They organized a weekly review to share the progress and the concerns with our team : the estimate of the work done and still to be done, difficulties encountered and relevant solutions.
Thanks to this project management, even though we started late, we were able to show we were in accordance with our obligations and to enter the production phase from November 2013, while the deadline fixed by the authorities was February, 2014!

Aptoriel team was a real catalyst of energy and a talented revelation. First of all in the approach of the various technical teams, then in the way both technical teams and users teams were involved. The work became more “interactive” where previously it was not. Response times for our questions were very short, and quality of the answers always very useful, this widely contributed to the success of the project.

What makes Aptoriel different….4 crucial notions :

  • Reactivity,
  • Adaptability,
  • Tuned to listening to its client concerns,
  • Quality of service.”