Who are APTORIEL solutions’ Users ?

  • Small enterprises / Independant enterprises

    They issue offers with estimate, invoices and related payments
    Their clients or prospects use the smart portal to subscribe themselves to the sales offers or services
    They pilot their cash management taking in account previsions

  • Employee committees

    They order the payments by Direct debits of employee’s part of some benefits (travels, vouchers..), they manage the mandates and membership.
    They enter re-imbursements by credit transfers, by example for company participation to sportive activities of employees

  • Middle market enterprises / SME

    They take advantage of the quick and simple process of invoicing, and gather all the payments orders on a single platform
    Finance Managers monitor the treasury with a complete view, multi-banks, multi-accounts

  • Banks

    Interbank exchanges are managed within a smart solution which is up to date regarding the regulation and endowed with the necessary controls of SEPA mandates Core and B2B for Direct Debits
    Multiple services of payment conversions are available, allowing the bank to take in charge any file format

  • Independant accountants

    Accountants can regroup all payment flows and issue direct debits and credit transfers with automatic transmission to their bank.
    They can follow up and control with accounting report files , generated for each payment (or regrouped) and reject/return (R-transactions)
    They can offer a portal, allowing to enter and validate credit transfers autonomously, to their clients (enterprises)

  • Start ups

    Entrepreneurs can start their business with evolutive tools : clients management, sales offers management, invoicing, payments, consolidation of accounts statements and support to treasury

  • Associations / Schools

    The payments of membership fees are securitized and automated thanks to direct debits schedules.
    The administrators can follow up easily with a set of payment reports , alerts and automatic reminders to members via email or sms

How do Cloud solutions work?

Cloud, is the lightest solution for the user, because nothing needs to be installed on your PC or your servers.

It also provides security because your data are stored in France, on our private, secure, protected servers. these are duplicated and under 24/24 7/7 monitoring by an independent outsourcer. In case of major incident, the restart is ensured under 4 hours.
Finally the deployment of the releases is much simpler in this infrastructure, also known as SaaS (Software As A Service). It guarantees fast intervention in case of concern and an evolutive platform, for a competitive cost.

If required by your IT strategy, all our solutions can also be set up on your own servers, thanks to extended compatibility (LINUX, AS400…..)

Clients testimonials

Mrs. Mureau, Head of Department, ADASA, Departmental Association of Social action of the Agents of the Department of Charente-Maritime
“APTORIEL knew how to deal with all the problems related to the implementation of the SEPA: impacts from the banking exchanges aspects as well as the legal, computing and organizational sides. It permitted ADASA to face its new responsibilities with confidence and to obtain the means to treat the implementation of the SEPA with as much security as possible…. ”

Mr. Bonnet, Chief of Operations, Banque MISR (Paris)
“Aptoriel answered a RFP on the implementation of our SEPA solution. The choice of candidates was based on the experience, the capacity to lead a project, but also the answers to practical questioning, covering technical aspects and those connected to the methodology of project implementation.
From about ten candidates, we selected 2 potential providers. Aptoriel and another company already referenced by our establishment for another subject.
Aptoriel quickly stood out as more reactive, attuned to their client, showing a better methodology of support and giving the impression of a better knowledge of their subject….”
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