Support Services

APTORIEL proposes a non-exhaustive list of services related to XML files generalization, new constraints of Regulation and any transposition of bank accounts numbers

Find simple solutions to the new requirements of Regulation

The new regulation Common Reporting Standard, CRS-DAC 2, obliges all financial entities to transfer accounts information of citizen belonging to other OECD countries. This CRS file has a specfic XML format, easily issued by APTORIEL’s reporting solution.
In addition,all American citizens’ bank accounts need to be declared with an XML file, due to the international regulation “Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)”.
Our modules can fit various file formats issued by your applications.
The module can apply all or part of the rules/filters, depending on how the data are refined (input of accounts, clients data base…). We can also generate a simple empty XML file, if nothing to declare.
The XML file generator engine fits a large panel of matters : new functions are easily configured to ensure compliance with regulation and fit new requirements of dematerialization. As examples, we also propose solutions for Ciclade (old closed accounts declaration) and TRACFIN COSI (cash withdrawal and deposit declaration) XML files generation in France

Easily invoice your clients for portal services

You want a simple tool to charge your customers who use your services (for example of conversion)? We connect the invoicing module APToFACT and parameterize your services and related fees.
The automatic counting of transactions allows the generation of invoices.

Facilitate merge-acquisition or changes of bank accounts of your customers

Transpose numbers of bank accounts (former/new) during the delay required for the finalization of the business, thanks to our service of transposition matrix
All transactions (direct debits, credit transfers, chèques, local instruments …. ) are tracked, the R-transactions are generated/transposed on the original account.
Choose flexibility to face banking mobility
The new French requirement of free mobility for the customers will have a cost for banks. Contact us for a simple solution for information transfer and translation of the transactions over 13 months (French regulation CFONB will issue specifications in autumn 2015, files exchanges will be in XML format).