SEPA Enterprises

Centralize payments for an optimized follow up.

We lead the implementation project with a flexible method, in order to quickly identify flows and set up interfaces and automations. You can choose to use our platform in Cloud mode (ie SaaS, Software As A Service), or to install the solution on your own servers.

  • We connect all your payments flows on our platform APToSEPA : direct debits and credit transfers orders, issued by your applications .
  • Either you use your own channels for bank remote transmission, or we ensure that payments files are sent to bank through a secured channel (eBICS transmission for instance).
  • We simplify the set up of the SDD and SCT with your banks: we configure the normalized file exchanges with each bank for Direct SEPA Debit ” or SEPA Credit Transfer (SDD and SCT) as well as rejects / returns (R-transactions*),
  • We customize your SEPA DD mandates and optimize related processes according to your requirements (web-services, API…)
  • We ensure training of your team in order to be autonomous, especially with monitoring tools of automatic DD re-issuing depending on R-transaction reason codes
  • If you need any specfic interface, we can develop it and support a fluent data flow within your various applications
  • * Files issued respect the EPC Rulebooks (European Payments Council) and additional ISO 20022 normalization.

It is simple to collect from customers by SEPA SDD Core and from enterprises by SDD B2B and pay by transfer SEPA !

All the transactions are tracked on our platform, furthermore we produce book-entries in the format of your accounting application.

Monitor screens provide you with file exchanges, showing the detail of debit and credit transactions. We show as much historical data as you need .
Your managers can also:

  • Plan and automate customer DD with schedules (amount, duration),
  • Enter One-off DD or DD for outstanding payments (bounces)
  • Upload files (xls ou cvs) of payments orders (DD or CT), manually or automatically thanks to an interface with your applications
  • Enter batches of credit transfers very simply : no need to enter IBAN at each transaction, only the amount and the beneficiary selected on a listbox (default date can be modified)

SEPA Design

A unique tool regroups whole flows and ensure payment management, with an extended module customization and complete integration within the information system.
We can integrate other payments (bank cards.. ) and flows linked to payments (example SEPAmail Rubis, request for payment) and monitor them on the same Platform (any reports can be issued).

APTORIEL solutions are adapted to size and context of each company, middle-market or group.